KSJ Communications Inc. (KSJ) was established as a full service telecommunications-services firm in 2004.  We are headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We have expanded our business since our inception to include 15 outside sellers and sub-agents.  Our growth strategy is to take advantage of retired sellers from AT&T account managers for new wireless and wireline in all AT&T regions.  We continue to grow KSJ with a concentration on complex sales and services.  In 2020, our targeted campaigns include complex services, mobility, support of government accounts, and FirstNet.   KSJ has been an approved Solution provider since 2018.  Prior to being a Master Agent direct with AT&T, KSJ finished 2017 as an Associate Solution Provider under Evergreen Telecom Services with over $500,000 in NSR.  The plan has been to expand KSJ presale and post-sale support.  We have a strong, experienced, back office to provide end to end support of our customers and account managers.  In addition, we will continue to grow our sub-agent program.

In addition to our direct engagement with AT&T account managers, we will continue to recruit referral business from consultants working up market with their prospective client base.

We continue to strengthen our back office implementation and project manager support to provide both complex wireline and wireless services support.  As part of our wireline services, we also support AT&T’s Office@Hand cloud based voice and UCAAS service.